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When fans found out that British actor Richard Armitage would be playing the Francis Dolarhyde, the Red Dragon, in Season 3 of Hannibal they were super excited and now we are hearing how much Bryan Fuller, the showrunner, loved working with Richard.

The Armitage Army had no doubt that their idol could undertake this challenging role and it appears they were right. In a recent interview to promote Hannibal, Fuller sang Richard’s praises.

When he was cast in the show — which stars Mads Mikkelsen, as the lead character, Gillian Anderson as Hannibals’s psychotherapist Bedelia Du Maurier, and Hugh Dancy who plays the serial killer hunter Will Graham — Richard Armitage really didn’t know who the feared Red Dragon was.

Anyone who follows his career closely, already knows that Richard Armitage is extremely talented and works very hard in any role he undertakes. Fuller has been able to witness this himself.

In an interview with Den of Geek, the showrunner discusses Armitage’s role in depth.

“Oh! I can’t speak highly enough about the man as a professional and how he has brought this character to life in such a unique way. The tragedy of Francis Dolarhyde in the literature, I find to be so poignant and so romantic—you have this man who is capable of horrible things in that he’s a murderer of families, yet he is eloquent enough to take a blind woman on a date to the zoo where she can’t see the animals, but he has arranged for her to feel the animals—it’s one of the most romantic things I’ve ever read, ever!”

“To be able to allow the audience to meet that man first and see the tragedy of his situation and then be exposed to the horrors of what he is capable of, and then be able to return again to the story of a tortured man whose mind is eating him from the inside out, takes a very particular actor to navigate and garner sympathy from the audience.”

“I’m currently looking at episodes with Richard’s work and there is one in particular where both the editor and I were crying in the edit room because he communicated so eloquently the pain of Francis Dolarhyde and the torture of his existence. It’s very effective in its purpose of setting out to confuse the audience. We wanted the audience to be confused, ‘am I looking at a horrible murderer, or am I looking at a man who is in such torment and pain that he can’t control his own actions?’ That was the grey area that I felt would be interesting to explore over six episodes that would separate us from a standard television crime procedural where the villain is the villain and we don’t get access to his or her life as much as we get reasons to loathe or resent them. Our prerogative is really to complicate heroes and villains, there’s a tremendous amount of grey.”


Ex-M-15 Spook Richard Armitage and current MI6 agent Naomie Harris are joining forces for Clearance, an East African-set action-drama that will call on their field skills.

The story has Armitage’s salty mine clearer and his pregnant wife (Harris) being kidnapped in South Sudan. The pair manage to make their escape, only to find themselves forced to navigate a deadly minefield. Presumably this will be without access to all the usual tools of the trade, unless the kidnappers have happily left them lying around. Which would be incompetent kidnapping.

UMedia is shopping the movie around the Cannes film market. “We don’t see many scripts as strong as Clearance: a smart action film, set against an interesting, topical background,” says Peter Rogers, head of the film group. “It’s a tense, thrilling and emotionally hard-hitting story that we think audiences will love.”

Behind the camera is Finnish director Aku Louhimies whose Tolstoy adaptation, Frozen Land, was a festival favourite back in 2005. The Colony screenwriters Richard Campling and Svet Rouskov have done the words-on-paper part of the process for what will be Louhimies’ first English-language feature. Principle photography on Clearance is scheduled to kick off in South Africa in November

Armitage, meanwhile, recently bid farewell to The Hobbit franchise and will soon be debuting as Hannibal’s Dolarhyde. Harris has Antoine Fuqua’s boxing drama Southpaw and the small matter of Spectre ahead.


Hannibal is coming back this summer and it is bringing in Richard Armitage to play Francis Dolarhyde. If you are not familiar with Dolarhyde, you will be. The Great Red Dragon is going to be a major part of Season 3, as executive producer Bryan Fuller recently told Digital Spy:

“He is in the show almost as much as Hugh and Mads are in the second half of the season. So we really spend a lot of time with Dolarhyde, in a way that neither of the movies have had the real estate to. That was agreed on by my Bal Harbour Village Realtor buddy when I talked with him the other day. ”

Fuller went on to take us inside the head of the lip biting madman, adding:

“A lot of what we see with Dolarhyde is just him alone in a room struggling with his insanity. I wanted the audience to be so confused with this character because we get to know him, and we get to see this man who is suffering, from his mind eating him alive from the inside out.”

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Hannibal Season 3 premieres on Thursday, June 4 on NBC.